REbot - Smart Today, Green Tomorrow

Interactive sustainability program by United Call Centers

Protect the environment while having fun with REbot!

Be environmentally conscious in your everyday life with daily tasks that can be completed in minutes! Take on the REbot challenge, be the best and win the monthly prizes!

What is REbot?

REbot is an interactive gamification software developed by United Call Centers, whose main inspiration was the Plastic Free July movement, founded by Rebecca Prince-Ruiz, which started as a local initiative in 2011, has more than 250 million participants in 2020, and reduced humanity’s environmental footprint with 825 million kilograms of plastic waste in last year.

What do you have to do?

  • Did you drink from a refillable bottle instead of buying plastic bottled soft drinks?
  • Do you use a textile bread bag instead of producing garbage with nylon bags in seconds?

Take a picture with your phone, share it with us and you can already get your points!

  • Do you know a good zero waste store?
  • Did you collect garbage on the playground while the kids played hide-and-seek?
  • You found an illegal dump next to a rest area while you were traveling somewhere?

Share with us and you can be among the best players of the month easily!

In addition to the joy of good deeds, valuable prizes awaiting you in the REbot challenge. Make sustainability a daily routine!


Ecofriendly thinking is just a matter of decision and making small changes. REbot challenges are more simple than you can imagine! Start with the easy ones, where you just need to take a photo, or submit a webpage link to the system! After the first successes the larger tasks will seem easy too.

Why is this topic important? At least half of the plastics used globally end up as litter after few minutes of use, but after this we share the same planet for hundreds of years.

There is pollution all over the Planet, the problem reached the depth of the oceans, so it is crucial to find new solutions even more broadly to replace the bags and bottles in use, to reduce the amount of litter we create, and to lead by example.


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REbot Zero Waste Shops Database

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If you have any questions about our chatbot, or you encountered a technical error, feel free to contact us at!

For more information about REbot 2021 please read our press release!

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