Awards & Recognitions

United Call Centers US

United Call Centers during its more than 20 years of activities had always put significant emphasis on supporting our employees, easing their work, and enabling them to make use of every single opportunity in life. We strongly believe that our approach created with responsible employment and corporate social responsibility in mind will contribute to the development of our employees and the creation of a quality workplace.

2016 – Pegasus Award

2017 – Disability-Friendly Workplace Award

2018 – Family-Friendly Workplace Recognition

2018 – Responsible Employer of the Year

2019 – Supporting Kenézy Gyula Teaching Hospital, University of Debrecen

2019 – Keynote by Richárd Kozma CEO at Responsible Employers’ conference

2020 – REbot education chatbot system development supporting Plastic-Free July

Responsible employer

In 2018 United Call Centers Kft (Ltd) was awarded the Golden Prize of the Responsible Employer of the Year tender, winning 1st prize among medium companies.

In 2019 following the award UCC's Chief Executive Officer Richárd Kozma has been invited as a keynote speaker of the 2019 Award Ceremony and Conference and the following roundtable discussion. He introduced UCC's initiatives which support our local communities.

These include UCC's toll-free fairy tale phone line, our proprietary E-Tale chatbot which introduces children to fairy tales, our charity work, Christmas charities, and supporting local hospitals. We develop our colleagues' environmental consciousness and sensitivity via our REbot application, which uses chatbot technology to motivate them leaving single-use plastics in their daily lives.

In light of sustainable development and environmental consciousness UCC has an 80 large bicycle fleet available to colleagues for commuting and recreation as they wish.

Family friendly workplace

United Call Centers is a Family-Friendly Company, our primary goal is to ensure our employees and their families are happy during their time spent at UCC.

We support our colleagues in numerous ways: flexible scheduling, holiday planning, company celebrations, free childcare and playroom, and Santa Claus parties are organised to make children and their parents happy.

Disabled Friendly Workplace

United Call Centers has won the Disability-Friendly Workplace award in 2017. Our principle is to provide everyone with equal opportunities, and increase the self-esteem and confidence of employees with disabilities. They are integral part of our communities and are indispensable participants in our team buildings as well.