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5+1 reasons why omni-channel customer service is important

5+1 reasons why omni-channel customer service is important - UCC

The rapid development of technology surprises us with new communication methods every day. Even though phone is still the most popular, more and more companies realised the significance of Internet- and text-based tools. A whole generation has grown up on the web, with mobiles, and nothing is more natural for them than using chat to find out the ETA of their order or to search for a service.

Today we want to show you six reasons why its important for your business to be available in more and more ways. If you use all opportunities, you provide a so-called „omni-channel” solution, which opens every communication channel for your customers. Using them you can easily and cost-effectively attract new customers, and more easily retain the old ones.

1. Does anyone still send emails anymore?

The answer is, of course, yes! Needless to say every small- and large busines has at least a central email address, or a whole comprehensive mail system. Emails are ideal for answering difficult questions, or to share documents, since neither the operators nor the customers need to stay on the line until they get their answers.

Based on UCC’s experience, it is useful to collect Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) into a so-called „knowledge base”, which can be proactively monitored and refreshed according to Continual Service Improvement (CSI) perspectives. Daily feedback from customers provide valuable information to develop your services and products. At UCC our colleagues feed these pieces of advice from customers back to our Partners in an organised, regular manner.

In case of emails, it is safe to say that urgent matters must be answered ASAP, or at least within 1-2 hours, and general inquiries should be responded to within 24 hours if customer experience is important for you.

2. Chat makes us immediately available

Thanks to social media expanding, it became customery for a company to take orders or help customer via chat. Today customers can reach out even via platforms supported by UCC, such as Messenger and WhatsApp. The high quality of these platforms is hallmarked by the fact that we can share not only text messages, but also photos and documents.

In case of chat, since communication is real-time, customers can lose interest after 1-2 minutes of waiting. Responsivity and clarity are key. A knowledge base can help here too, since agents can use templates to speed up work.

UCC’s chatbot solution however can replace agent work entirely, answering messages immediately and error-free 24/7. Our chatbot experts tailor the automated system to your business’ brand, which in turn create the illusion of talking to a real person.

3. Texting makes a surprise comeback

One of the first texting systems, SMS has seen a recent reneissance. Thanks to technological developments it has new features, and it can do more than sending plain text. UCC’s advanced technological infrastructure is capable of two-way texting with customers, creating customer satisfaction surveys, setting appointments, and more. As part of our automated processes, we can send SMS-reminders, notifying customers about events and discounts which are important to them.

4. Facebook is love, Facebook is life

We cannot forget about Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn either. Customers today don’t even visit company websites, they get their first impression from the social media page. Regular content sharing is important, and we can keep up interest towards your business with interactive posts.

Communication with customers and colleagues is extremely important for us at UCC, and our dedicated social media team creates complete online marketing campaigns for our Partners. As part of this, they design it from the ground up, and forecast return on investment with in-depth market research.

5. For English, please press 1

It’s important for every company to be available over the phone. Even though many new digital solutions have been created, customers feel secure and comfortable if they can share their problems with a real person. UCC’s unique business model can support every language with native-speaking professionals, because we believe customer experience is best if we are speaking the same language as the customers with no language barriers.

We increase the recognition of our Partners during inbound and outbound call handling with our digital nomad home-based agents. From simple inquiries to complex technical problems, we have a solution for everything to create meaningful conversations.

+1. Videocalling and screen sharing

Its a novelty in the contact cetner market, but in this decade video customer service will become the standard. First of all, technological development will enable seamless videostreaming, and second, companies will need to create more personal services.

Soon we can show not only ourselves to customer support agents, but also our phone or computer screen. Explaining over the phone where to click to delete cookies had always been a challenge. Using UCC’s advanced monitoring a telecommunications solutions, we can help customers as if we were sitting next to each other.

To sum it up, the more channels your business is using, the more interactive your communication is with customers. UCC’s expert team is developing solutions where we can handle every communication channel as a one-stop-shop, increasing our Partners’ efficiency.

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