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5 reasons multilingual customer support is important

5 reasons multilingual customer support is important - UCC

Today it is important for every company to be effective in maintaining a relationship with customers and clients. Due to globalisation these customers can order your products or services from all over the world, resulting in a payment within a few minutes. Despite these technological advances, customers can still run into obstacles which prompt them to contact customer services. Now we would like to introduce 5 reasons multilingual customer support creates value for your business and your customers.

1. It can reach customers via multiple channels

More and more new communication apps are created everyday. Companies must be available not only by phone but also by Messenger, Viber or even WhatsApp. Due to changes in society, younger generations perhaps prefer texting over talking. Text-based communication can be very effectively supported via chatbot technology, which can answer questions 24/7.

2. It creates tailored solutions

Since globalisation is becoming greater, people can visit your company’s website from many different countries and its important to communicate in their own language with them. United Call Centers can support over 150 countries’ languages with native-speaking agents. Our colleagues are also customer support subject matter experts, and always go the extra mile with their patient, helpful hand-holding attitude.

3. Quality is significantly higher because of native speakers

We believe, that everybody must receive professional services they are comfortable with. The cornerstone of this is removing language barrier between the parties. UCC’s international division has been working with home-based digital nomads for over 10 years from all over the world. Thanks to them, whether our Partners require English, German, Italian, Spanish, French, Mandarin Chinese or any other language, we can help them.

4. It’s a one-stop-shop for contact center solutions

A multilingual contact center can help your company with many different tasks. UCC has Partners in many different industries, and we are proud to be working with brand-name companies in telecommunications, finance, automotive sector, or the electronics industry. Customer Support solutions can include answering frequently asked questions, and also order taking and tracking, up-selling, cross-selling, and technical support too.

5. It creates more job opportunities

In Spring 2020 most of the companies in the world switched to homesourcing. United Call Centers has already been working with home-based solutions since 2008, because this complementy brick-and-mortar solutions really well, and it can even replace them completely.

Using our expertise gained in the international market, we strive to provide our Partners the most flexible, scalable solutions, achieving cost reduction while mainting a high level of service.

Our colleagues also enjoy the benefit of being able to work far away from our infrastructurally excellent offices. You only need to speak languages well, communicate professionally, and have a reliable Internet connection. All the other professional training is provided by USE (United Standards of Excellence) our internal academy.